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Creating an account is FREE.  We ship worldwide daily.  Our product is higher end than many suppliers carry at very competitive pricing. Below we have provided details about starting your business. To Register click on to CONTACT US / REGISTERTION at the top right of each page
These Business Questions are answered below in detail

1. Do you have a minimum purchase?

2. If I order more, will I receive a larger discount?
3. Do you have starter packages?
4. Can I use your product text and images?
5. Can you manufacture, if I provide you my design or customize products for us.
6. As a first time buyer can I receive samples?

7. Do you offer drop shipping?

8. What price should I sell your products at?

9. Do I need a re-seller's permit to shop on your website?

10. Do you have a catalog?

11. What ring sizes are the most popular?

Availability and Minimums

All stock on line is available to ship Immediately 1 PCS minimum (there are a few exceptions for very inexpensive items).
Out-of-Stock Inventory (Special Orders) 24 – 120 PCS depending upon the item, e-mail for information on any item you require that is not on line or you need more of.

1. Do you have a minimum purchase?
Designer Jewelry is strictly a wholesale distributer of fashion jewelry and sells to retailers and resellers. We maintain the industry's lowest minimum purchase amount. Our low minimum order amount is for those with smaller businesses. Minimum reorder is only $59.99 after your first order of $198.00.

2. What if I want to order more; will I receive more discounts?
We offer discounts for higher volume purchases. Please visit DISCOUNTS at the top of each page. 12 pcs or more Discounts show after you put them in your cart and select recalculate or go to check out if they apply.

3. Do you have starter packages?
Yes, we offer assortments of starter package for our customers, to see enter STARTER in the search at the top of each page.  Our starter packages have a full range of sizes, you do not have to order one kit for each size to get a selection that will be appropriate for all of your customers, and therefore your initial outlay is less also.
4. Can I use your product text and images?
Yes, customers who purchase from Designer-Jewelry.com will be able to download product images for free without our watermarks. This is limited to products purchased; only images for purchased products can be down loaded. Click on to CONTACT US and tell us which items you wish to have pictures of by Item Number.

5. I have my own design; can you manufacture it, if I give you my design (Customize products)?
We offer customization for all of our products. Any of our items can be customized for your needs. If you would like to create your own design we can accommodated you also. Please send us a picture of your design, and we can obtain an estimation of cost and delivery time for you. Special Orders may be placed for items currently out-of-stock; it may require 4-6 weeks for production. Please email us for more information.

6. I am a first time buyer; can I receive some samples?
We stand behind the quality of our products, and we know you will be more than happy with the quality of the products. If you would like a sample package enter: SAMPLE in the search at the top of each page to see selection

7. Do you offer drop shipping?  
Yes, Click on to DROP SHIPING at the bottom of each page.

8. What price should I price your products at?
The suggested price varies depending on your operating. Our products are considered in the mid to higher quality of fashion jewelry, sometimes referred to as fine fashion jewelry. Although we cannot suggest an exact retail price, you can take into consideration that some of our customers have priced their items anywhere from 3.5 to 10 times the wholesale cost.

9. Do I need a re-seller's permit to shop on your website?
Yes, if you are a customer with a business in Florida we are shipping to; we must charge you sales tax. If you have a current Florida Resale Certificate please send it with your first order via e-mail or fax to: (800-818-8897). Customers NOT located in Florida, will not be charged sales tax.

You can find information on obtaining a Florida Resale Certificate at: Florida Department of Revenue

10. Do you have a catalog?  Yes, you can make your own Catalog with Your Name and other information on it by clicking onto CATALOGS at the top of each page.

11. What ring sizes do most of your customers order?

The most popular sizes ordered in the United States:
     Women: Size 7, 8 and 9.
     Men: Size 9, 10, and 11.



As your source for high-end wholesale fashion jewelry for resale our lines include International Designer Brands, Designer Styles and Current Line Jewelry. Our huge inventory is in stock and ready to ship. Designer-Jewelry.com's wholesale fashion jewelry and below wholesale jewelry has been available on line for more than 15 years. Also see Closeouts, Components and Displays. UPS rates are discounted. Free Shipping available. Buy wholesale jewellery today. To Register as a Wholesaler click onto CONTACT US, upper right of each page and fill out form

Problems, submitting your order? Just paste and e-mail or fax it to us at (800) 818-8897. Should you require any assistance use CONTACT US at the top of each page or call 1-800-398-8158 toll free, thank you for your business